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Review from Sabrina Idol lash UK

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In this article you will find an extensive review of the product “Idol Lash” which should provide longer lashes. Idol Lash is a kind of gel that you put on your eyelids to get long (er) lashes. Idol lash is originally from the United States. The Internet is full of (mainly English) positive reviews on Idol lash

But is that just good marketing of the producer or work Idol lash really long lashes? Sabrina from the UK has Idol lash extensively tested to find an answer to that question. Below you can read her review!

FYI: Idol Lash is quite pricey, but you do there for a month or 3 along. Keep an eye on the website because there are occasional offers. You can also receive a discount by more than 1 Idol Lash ordered at the same time, but I wanted to take a good product testing.


Idol Lash Review usage

A little background info; my eyelashes are unfortunately anything but long, but I also want those real pretty long eyelashes once in a while!

The use of Idol Lash is very simple. The product is similar to an eyeliner. You get the brush from the jar, your strokes with the brush on the edge of your eyelids and that’s it. You must Idol Lash daily before going to sleep (after you have removed makeup) to apply. Very simple so although you there every night just to think natural.

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I myself was quite surprised, but after a short time my eyelashes actually started to get longer …. And even a lot longer. Before I used Idol Lash my lashes were barely visible. When I used Idol Lash little over a week I clearly saw a big difference, and after a few weeks my lashes were clearly visible and curled. When I took my eyes wide open, I could feel the tips of my lashes against the skin under my eyebrows. A revolutionary feeling for me! 🙂 

I did not suffer from irritation, for example, while I did have that LiLash (a similar product). I myself had no idea that my eyelashes were really crowded, only longer. Furthermore my eyelashes were naturally dark in color, so whether Idol Lash lashes also darkens your lashes I can not judge.

Idol Lash mascara vs eyelash extentions

My first response was so overwhelmingly positive. My eyelashes were really a lot longer. I could quietly without mascara on out, although the effect of Idol Lash was only really visible with a little mascara on. I sometimes used eyelash extentions, and the effect of Idol Lash (without mascara or other make-up) is comparable in length, but extentions are much more visible because they make your lashes too black and thicker. In short, I found no good substitute for Idol Lash mascara, but an excellent addition.

Idol Lash review – My conclusion

Idol Lash is doing excellent work in the first place, does not irritate and is easy to use.

In short, Idol Lash is definitely worth a try if you want longer lashes. However, please note that the product may only work temporarily and that you will be getting used to after a while to short lashes.

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What Helps Eyelashes Grow

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Many of our female readers must be thinking day and night as to what helps eyelashes grow longer, thicker and fuller. They yearn to have the type of eyelashes that models and celebrities possess.

It is often seen that such a desire leads ordinary women to take help of false eyelashes or lash-growth serums laden with dangerous chemicals.

As a result, these women end up suffering bad complications and negative side-effects. In a world full of harmful cosmetics and false promises, a clinically proven and reliable product is what a woman actually needs. It is in this aspect that Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer scores high and handsome.

Idol Lash is regarded as the latest innovation in cosmetic science. Regarded as the purest and least harmful stimulator and conditioner, Idol Lash has been clinically proven to safely increase eyelash density to more than 80 percent in just 2-4 weeks. The ingredients included in the product help the same to be useful for even the most sensitive of eyes.

An amazing combination of effective proteins, powerful vitamins and unique moisturising agents present in Idol Lash is what helps eyelashes grow thicker and longer. Even the peptides present in this product help to add volume and length to the user’s eyelashes. Today, the Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer is ‘the’ secret behind what helps eyelashes grow for all the lovely eyelashes of numerous models and famous personalities.

Idol Lash is quite easy to use and the 5-minute application process can be enumerated as under:-

1) Removal of make-up with a mild cleaner
2) Application of product at the base of upper and lower lash lines of both the eyes

The amount of liquid present on the brush is generally sufficient for the eyelashes. Users should apply the product once a day prior to sleep.

Readers are therefore strongly recommended to purchase the Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer as they now truly know what helps eyelashes grow thicker and longer.


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5 Tricks for Longer Eyelashes

Eyelashes beautify a woman’s beautiful eyes and so every woman needs to know the tricks for longer eyelashes. With the right products and some good tricks, a woman’s eyes will look more dramatic and captivating.

The following are 5 tricks for longer eyelashes.

1. Create an illusion. Use mascara on your lower eye lashes carefully with tiny applicators. You can also use olive oil of petroleum jelly to add grease to make them dark. A change in color will create the illusion of length and thickness. Use a eyeliner to add dimension to your lashes for a more prominent look.

2. Eyelash primer. This should be applied before you apply a mascara, they are structural enhancements. Eyelash primers adds fibers to your lashes and helps in lengthening and thickening. Eyelash primer helps hold mascara better, therefore you only need to use a little of mascara and yet obtain good coverage.

3. Buy the Right Mascara. Buy lengthening mascara instead of those that add volume to your eyelashes. Next you have to use an applicator that will lift and separate your individual lash and coat each of them evenly without clumping. Buy an applicator with wide bristles that will add length to the lashes, this is another one of the tricks for longer eyelashes.

4. Use a Eyelash Curler. Eyelash curler will enhance the natural curves of your lashes and increase the length without the necessity of any makeup. The upward tilt that is obtained using a curler will hold for hours. For arched lashes that last the day can be obtained by warming the curler a little with your hair dryer.

5. Apply more than one mascara. This may sound a little too much but some mascara products are designed to lengthen and some are designed to add volume, multi-purpose mascara does both. A good branded mascara will do both the jobs . However, the result will not be the same as that obtained when using a volume enhance mascara first and then a lengthener. It means you need to invest in two mascaras, but the results are worth it.

Apart from using these 5 tricks for longer eyelashes, you must definitely use Idol Lash, which is a growth enhancing serum. This growth enhancing serum, is an excellent product, designed specifically for the beautifying your eyelashes and is recommended by beauty experts globally.

It is made with all the natural products and hence it is 100% safe and has no side effects. You can even use a free trial of the Idol Lash enhancing serum and buy the product when it works for you, which definitely will. Idol Lash is one of the best tricks for longer eyelashes, just follow the instructions on the label and get long eyelashes in not longer than 3 weeks.


Tips for Longer Eyelashes

What you need to do to grow longer eyelashes is actually considering the following tips for longer eyelashes.

They include:

Keep your eyelashes moisturized

This is one of the most effective tips for longer eyelashes. Try to keep your eyelashes moisturized on a daily basis using non-irritant and chemical- free moisturizers such as Olive oil, Vaseline, Castor oil, Lanolin and Vitamin E oil. This will protect them from weather and sun damage.

Avoid damaging your eyelashes

Do not rub your eyes frequently. Though it may seem harmless, excessive rubbing can damage your eyelashes making them to fall out. Use your eyelash curler gently.

Improve your diet

In order to grow longer eyelashes, one of the great tips for longer eyelashes is to consider eating healthy foods and avoid junk food. Improve your diet by adding a considerable amount of proteins, fresh vegetables, nuts and fruits to improve your intake of amino acids and vitamins. Also, consider taking a lot of water and fresh fruit juices.

Vital minerals and Vitamin supplements

Consider eating oranges, tomatoes, carrots, apples, sea foods and nuts to improve your intake of vitamin E, C and B5. These fruits contain essential minerals for hair growth such as zinc, biotin and magnesium. Calcium, potassium, chromium and iodine prevent the falling of eyelashes.


Make it a routine massaging the skin under your eyelashes oftentimes. Massage increases blood circulation, soothes the skin and stimulates lengthening of your eyelashes.

Use reputed and not cheap brands

It is advisable to use reputed mascara brands since cheap and unknown brands of mascara tend to have to have fillers in them which may clump your eyelashes making them to fall.

Idol lash is an effective product that provides a variety of benefits which can help you achieve fast eyelash growth. Due to its affordability and composition of key eyelash growth ingredients, Idol lash can solve your longer eyelash growth needs, fast. Besides, this product is very simple to use and only takes 5 minutes to apply.

There are thousands of women out there who feel alienated because they have less and short eyelashes than what they would ideally want. Well, do not worry anymore, just consider these tips for longer eyelashes and you’ll see your eyelashes lengthening fast.

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Grow Longer Lashes

You would like to grow longer lashes? However, you probably have no idea how you can achieve that feat. Women of every age normally become conscious when their eyelashes start falling out, and the eyes do not appear to stand out as compared to other features of their face. Their eyelashes become delicate and weaker which results in unnatural falling out. Frequent eye rubbing and lack of proper nutrients are the suspects for bringing this condition.

However, there are various ways that one can have that desired longer eyelashes; to make them grow thicker, fuller and longer.

There are different home remedies you can employ to grow longer lashes. These natural remedies will help in repairing the damaged eyelashes, and at the same time renew the development of healthy lashes. The castor oil contains vitamin E which nourishes the hair, helping in making them become stronger. This is going to prevent eyelash loss.

Another means to grow longer lashes is through eyelash improving serums, with herbal ingredients which are safe and don’t cause eye irritation. Their use is the same as applying eyeliner. You may apply it to the exterior line of your upper eyelids. It helps in improving the natural growth of your eyelashes. This can also be found in mascara form.

Eyelash thickener or enhancer, when you apply it to your eyelashes with brush is going to help in providing brittle, dry lashes with some vital nutrients that improve the texture and appearance of the eyelashes. Additionally, the thickener supports in the growth of newer eyelashes through repairing some damaged lashes, as well as moisturizing them, conditioning the sensitive hair follicles. The main ingredients helping in stimulating and encouraging hair growth is called haluronic acid.

One product that you cannot go wrong with is the Idol Lash. This scientific product has been clinically proven to take care of all eyelashes needs. It contains all the necessary ingredients that are going to make you grow longer lashes you require.

Longer Thicker Eyelashes

Eyes are important assets of a woman’s face and longer thicker eyelashes are what that make eyes even more beautiful. Thick and long eyebrows are easily attainable with a lot of products such as mascaras, vitamins and serums.

How To Get Beautiful Eyelashes

There are many eyelash growth products in the market and apart from that there are many ways to get long thick eyelashes. You can use Vaseline or olive oil for growing eyelashes. Apply either one of these at night and clean it in the morning. Repeat this for at least 2 weeks.

If you have problems apart from getting longer thicker eyelashes, such as losing your eyelashes frequently and so you intend to make them strong, then use a mixture of egg white and castor oil. Mix two drops of egg white and castor oil each and apply them with a eyelash brush and leave it on overnight.

If you have tried the natural ways of developing longer thicker eyelashes and do not want use the artificial methods then it will good to try a eyelash enhancing serum. However, you have to try the sample before you buy it as it might work or not work for you.

You need to be healthy from the inside too to get good eyelashes. Therefore, consume fresh fruits and vegetables so that the proteins and vitamins levels increase in your body. You must also eat whole grain items and fish and red and white meat for strong and healthy eyelashes.

Apart from trying all these you definitely need a little extra help, which is Idol Lash, a growth enhancing serum that is recommended by beauty experts all over the world. It is very effective in enhancing your lashes without any allergies, so it is safe to use for all kinds of women. Idol lash is comprised of all natural elements so 100% safe to use. You can even use a free trial of the idol lash enhancing serum and test it for yourself. Follow the directions on the label to get longer thicker eyelashes in just 3 weeks.

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Ideal Product to Get Thicker Eyelashes

Thicker eyelashes usually enhance beauty and attractiveness on the face of any person especially in women. This is because when the eyelashes are thicker, they also become darker and the whiteness in the eyes is able stand out by becoming visible more clearly. As a result, it is paramount for people with thick eyelashes to maintain them and those without thick eyelashes to make them thicker.

One of the ideal ways of making thicker eyelashes is using suitable products that are not only effective but also safe. However there are many imitations who make substandard products which can even cause harm. Therefore, it is paramount to look for certain qualities while choosing the best eyelashes thickening product.

One of the most important qualities to look for in an eyelashes thickening product is that it should be safe to use. The ideal product should be all-natural which means that it should not have chemicals which can cause irritation or other negative side effects. The other quality to look for while choosing the best product to use so as to get thicker eyelashes is that the particular product should be usable even by people with sensitive eyes.

The importance of this is that a significant number of people have sensitive eyes and hence they can only use a product that is safely compatible with their eyes. The best product should also be able to work fast which means that users should not require to use it for months before they can get the desired effect. Furthermore, the product should also be sold at a reasonable price which gives maximum value for money to the users.

One of the products that has these qualities of a safe and effective eyelashes thickening product is Idol Lash. This is a stimulating and conditioning product which does not cause any irritations. Besides producing thicker eyelashes, Idol Lash also makes eyelashes longer and darker. The safety of this product is guaranteed since it is all-natural and clinically proven and hence does not contain harmful chemicals.

Idol Lash is also one of the latest innovations in cosmetic science where it is endowed with the ability to work fast and it is safe to be used even by people with sensitive eyes. Therefore, Idol Lash is definitely the best product to use on various issues related to eyelashes and people who would like to get thicker eyelashes should consider buying it.

Regrow Eyelashes With Idol Lash

Most of us don’t realize, but our eyelids, eyebrows and eyelashes can transform the impression we give to others and can influence the way of interaction. It can have a direct impact on our confidence and self esteem. Hence, for all of you who are searching for a perfect product to regrow eyelashes and stimulate their growth, Idol Lash is the way to go. Many of you must be wondering about how effective is this product at improving the sex appeal and beauty of your eyes?

So here is a brief idea about the benefits of this amazing product – What Is Idol Lash?

Idol Lash is an amazing product which can transform the way you look by providing you with longer, fuller and thick eyelashes. Unlike the other products, his is made up of natural ingredients like protein, honey extract, keratin, vitamins and kelp extract. Applying this serum before going to bed will help you to regrow eyelashes within a matter of few days.

All these ingredients will help in moisturizing your eyelashes and will rejuvenate their growth. The protein extract will make them thicker and stimulate their continuous growth. The peptin found in the keratin extract will built up a strong base which is necessary to regrow eyelashes.

If you apply the serum continuously for two to three weeks, you will surely notice unbelievable change in your personality and looks. You can apply the serum normally as you apply any other eyeliner, though the use of make up with this product is not recommended. This is a trusted product which has been tested in various health care laboratories which can be used to regrow eyelashes and is safe for human use without any side effects. 

So, if you are willing to improve the quality of your life, captivate people’s attention and be more attractive the Idol Lash is worth giving a try.

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Effective Way to Make Eyelashes Grow

With the high emergence of many ways that can be used to make eyelashes grow, there is a great need for people to be informed on the best. Over the years, the roles of eyelashes have change from just protecting the eyes from dust and other particles to increasing the beauty of a person (especially women). Most women all over the world consider eye lashes to be one of their body parts that enhance their physical appearance. The longer and the curly the lashes look, the more attractive she becomes.

Due to the above facts, many women have fallen victims of the many beauty products in search for the best to apply on their eyelashes to improve their beauty. However, the easiest and the safest way to make eyelashes grow in size and good shape is by using the top rated Idol Lash. This is a beauty product that is clinically proven to be very safe and effective in giving the user the type of eyelashes she desires.

The idol lash is one of the products that are highly being preferred by most women all over the world to make eyelashes grow. This is clearly evidenced through the many positive reviews that are left behind by the large lot of users of this product. And unlike other products that usually come with side effects that may put your health at risk, the idol lash will safely help you get the lashes of your dreams. It will help you attain longer, thicker and darker eye lashes.

Apart from the above advantages, the Idol Lash can as well be used on the eye brows. Eye brows are also essential in supplementing to the beauty of an individual. Therefore well shaped thick eye brows together with long and attractive eyelashes can greatly boost your good looks. Therefore, next time you go shopping for the product to make eyelashes grow, make the Idol Lash your first choice.

Best Eyelash Growth Serum

Eye lash growth serum is a cheaper way of enhancing your lashes compared to products that claim to do the same job. Some of these products are expensive and all not all that effective per Se and therefore this creates the need to try out some homemade remedies that are much cheaper and will do the job for you.

This article is aimed at showing the reader a homemade recipe that encompasses organic materials that are easy to secure at the local cosmetic shops or are already at home in your possession. This will result in a lash growth serum that that leads to thicker and longer eyelashes.

Before embarking on making this serum, ensure that you have a proper storage jar. You can opt for a small jar which can be purchased from a craft store or go for an old paint pot or eye shadow so long as you properly clean and sanitize it.

Ingredients for making lash growth serum

You should have an empty jar that is properly cleaned and sanitized.One quarter of the jar should have Aloe Vera gel for purposes of lengthening the lashes. Another quarter should have castor oil which is employed in thickening the eyelashes. The remaining have should have vitamin E oil.

Instructions for use

Use a small stick to mix all the ingredients by way of stirring.

Dip a spoolie and wipe the excess. Apply this to the eyelashes before going to bet and allow it to settle on the lashes. Do this every other night to achieve the results that you desire in due course.

If this process of making the lash growth serum seems too much for you then you should visit a cosmetic or beauty shop and buy yourself Idol Lash which is very effective for achieving the same purpose.